Why I love gifting handmade

Whenever I’ve been to baby showers I’ve always chickened out when it comes to gifts and I’d never handmade a gift for the mum-to-be and baby. I always thought it wouldn’t come out right or people would think I just bought it anyway.

Well, I recently went to my best friend’s baby shower in Wellington and I decided I’d knit a romper (pictured) for my friend’s baby. This was the first time I’d ever made this romper and I wasn’t even sure whether I could do it or not. Turns out it’s an incredibly fun romper to knit, and I poured so much love and energy into making it — I was so proud when it got to the point of knitting the final button on.

I packaged it all up in a cute wee box and took it with me in my carry on off to Wellington. I was SO nervous when it came to the gifting circle. My heart race quickened as it got closer and closer to my present. Finally it was placed in my friend’s hands, and the chorus of Awwwws was so nice. Everyone loved the cute wee romper! It was so special considering only one other gift was handmade.

Ever since then I’ve decided I’ll only gift handmade items for baby showers. They just mean so much more, and hopefully these items may even be kept as special little heirloom outfits in the future!

If you want to gift handmade, but don’t have time to do it yourself, Hatchling offers a huge range of handmade items. All the knitted items are made by me, and there are other handmade goodies throughout the shop. Want me to help you pick the right gift? Send me an email: hatchlingnz@gmail.com