Why have a baby shower?

The concept of a baby shower comes from the practice of “showering” expectant mothers with gifts for their baby. This is nice, and generally what baby showers are about today, but what other reasons are there to host a baby shower?

Celebrate the soon-to-be mum and dad

I may be adding a bit of controversy into the mix, but I don’t see why mum and dad can’t be present at the baby shower. Personally, I’d rather do away with the pinks and the blues and just have a nice catch up with friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby. A baby shower can be a time to catch up with those who may be too busy to catch up after work, but who can set aside some weekend time to come and visit.

Spoil mum

Now, turning around again on that dad and mum inclusion thing I just mentioned, I’m a big believer of spoiling the expectant mum. Baby will get tonnes of presents at the baby shower, which is useful, but mum doesn’t tend to get much. Consider a pamper package, or one of Hatchling’s gorgeous gift boxes specifically designed for expectant parents.

Play silly games 

Many baby shower games are weird and just generate a lot of waste, but if you get creative you can play some really fun games with those you love, and create a lot of fun memories. I’m not including that gross guess the nappy filling game. That’s just revolting.

Get the advice you actually want

You tend to get a lot of unsolicited advice when you’re out and about from strangers, work colleagues, and more. However, at the baby shower, perhaps it’s a good time to ask those questions of your nearest and dearest and see what advice they have to share. If you’re willing to take any advice on board, it’s more than likely going to be from those you love.

Eat some great food

Finally, baby showers tend to over cater. There’s always food coming out your ears, and it’s always terrible for you, hence delicious. Snack away!

If you’ve got a baby shower coming up that you need a gift for, pick up a Hatchling gift box, and remember you can create your own gift box by following these easy steps: